Fallen idols

Today we have idolized sin so much that we have become atheists and we are proud of it because it’s cool.

There is nothing cool about losing your soul. This life is only a short passage, a test that is meant to be a testimony.

In ancient times idol worshipers worshiped the creation and not the Creator. Nowadays we are faced with another kind of idol worshiping as we admire the technology that tries to copy and transcend life. In both cases, we have failed as human beings and as higher spiritual beings, as we fail to praise and worship the One and True Creator, who has proved to us that He Is alive, through the innumerable miracles but also from the harmony that holds the forces of nature together, which surpasses even the best human work of art. God sent His One and Only Son to teach us love and peace and the true and eternal joy that comes from the Holy Spirit and we have failed to respond to His call. This is evidenced by the continual sorrow we face as the goods we so adore fail to fill the void within us, in the part of the heart that belongs to God

Time after time, man has failed to understand that True freedom involves responsibility , just like the good soldier that trusts the General’s judgement and alligns his actions to match their vision°°°¬ If we only Thank Him, our God and our Lord, for using the hardships of our lives, to reveal His Love and to oversee our humility and repentance, He will co-sign us to His Great plan; after all , He Is the ultimate chase player, and the way to choose the best of the men of service , is through trials. In fact, many times, the lack of trials can be equated with abandonment by God, who educates and trains only His beloved children.

God, through trials, shapes us so that we become the best version of ourselves and ascend spiritually, that’s why they are the pearls He holds for His Beloved Sons and Daughters…
Just as a thief does not enter a house that is poor, so God engages with people that in their hearts have good intentions – they are spiritually abundant. That is why we should not be sad when we go through many challenging times because it is the way of our Heavenly Father to reveal hidden treasures, our best features, that we hide inside us. After all, circumstances reveal our true character and it is intention that redirects the way things unfold…

Ever since I have dedicated my love to Christ, I do not care to be cool for my friends either for any betrayals and disappointments because the Lord is my safety net, the one who strengthens me with His affection and love, the one who rewards me and therefore the only one whose acceptance and approval I need. He Is the One, I care to be “cool” for!

So, don’t get caught up in this act, because all of the world is just a big stage. Use hardship to save your soul, to give the testimony you are assigned to, don’t become a slave to material things, people, power, money, for they are only temporary.

Either you are poor or rich, makes absolutely no difference to God. The only thing you get to carry in eternal life with you is your soul. Make sure you make smart choices , not cool ones. In the end, we become what we are…

Only the Light of the World, Lord Jesus Christ can erase the darkness of our times, that is falsy called enlightment; we ourselves are unable to do so; Lord do not abandon us in our idolatric ways ; help us remove the sin from our heart so that our eyes can see clearly what a valuable life is °°° Have mercy on us, in Your Perfect Love I can place all my hopes and be saved °°°¬

My Lord and my God, I love You with all my heart! Thank You for everything that You have already done for me, holding me with Your right-hand and leading me to a secure refuge, when everything seemed to be against me, You Were in favor of me °°° ¬


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